Scriptural Answers Network

Answers from a perspective of biblical accuracy and internal consistency.


Who we are

Welcome to SAnet. The Scriptural Answers Network is a loose association of individuals that may or may not describe themselves as Bible scholars. What is unique about each of those involved is that we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. We are all volunteers and no one makes any money operating this site. Operating cost are donated by those associated with the website.

The Association

The associates of the Scriptural Answers Network are primarily family and friends of the webmaster. Preachers and Professors of religion, the associates provide a resource for the more detailed and complicated questions.

The Network

This website is offered by members of the Church of Christ to provide answers from a perspective of biblical accuracy and internal consistancy. We believe that the Bible, interpreted properly, will not contradict with any other part of the Bible. In addition to a unique perspective from studying the scriptures this way you can answer a lot of questions about this life and the next.

The Bible

The Bible is the perfect word of God. It is the comfort provided by the Holy Spirit. It is a book that could not possibly be designed by man. It teaches new truths with every reading. Two people can read the same passage and the one truly searching for the truth will read something different than the one seeking justification of his self centered desire to create God.